2024 3rd International Conference on Art Design and Digital Technology (ADDT 2024)




Prof. Cao Zhenjiong

Pukyong National University, Korea

Research Area: Art history and design history

Introduction: Head of BK21 PLUS MADEC Talent Development Team at Pukyong University; Vice-Minister of Student Affairs, Pukyong University; Member of the Landscape Committee of Busan Metropolitan City; Busan Metropolitan City Brand Committee Member; Gyeongsangnam-do Landscape Committee Member; Ulsan Metropolitan City Joint Committee on Urban Architecture; 


Prof. Koji Ueda

Tokyo University of Information Sciences, Japan

Research Area:  Curriculum Development in Programming, Multimedia, ICT (IT) and Technology Transfer to Developing Countries

Research Experience: At Kyoto computer gakuin, I have taught a variety of classes, mainly on programming, from beginners to applications. In addition, I have been in charge of education in the IT field for more than 10 years, entrusted by the Japan international cooperation agency (JICA), to trainees from countries mainly in Africa. Since 2004, I have been dispatched to the republic of mozambique as a JICA expert, where I have been involved in the establishment of an ICT specialized educational institution, developing educational curricula, conducting field surveys, and other activities. The development of ICT human resources is a universal recognition of the importance of technology itself. It is no exception, even in developing countries. Especially in such countries, the shortage of engineers and educators is a serious problem. Even in developing countries, there is a high level of interest in e-learning. In the future, e-learning will make it easier and more effective for students to receive their desired education anywhere in the world. To build that future, we need global collaboration. There is a high demand for human resources with "web business technology", which is the field of ICT application, in any country and industry, and excellent human resources will be responsible for the future of a country. I would like to study together with you, who have high aspirations, so that you can contribute to the advancement of technology and the development of the country, in order to become such human resources that everyone needs.


A. Prof. Liu Chunya

LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, China

Research Area: Art History and Design History

Research Experience: He has published two monographs, such as Research on China's Emerging Woodcut Art Movement, Exploration and Reflection on Modern Chinese Art Culture, edited four textbooks, including Design Management and Planning, Introduction to Art Design, History of Chinese and Foreign Art, and History of Wang Xun's Chinese Art, and more than ten textbooks, published one paper in core journals, and more than twenty academic papers in academic journals at all levels. It plans to teach professional courses of art and design, such as History of Modern Design in China, History of Chinese Architecture, Sociology of Design and Methodology of Design Research